Authorize.Net Setup

Follow the Gateway Setup below to obtain an Authorize.Net account (that is if you don’t have one already).

  1. Sign up for Authorize.Net Online Payment Services. You can apply online by following this link.
  2. When signing up, ensure that your account has the AIM API enabled.
  3. Once you have your account setup, login to your account and follow the steps below: (Note that the following steps were current at the time of this writing. Please contact Authorize.NET if you have difficulties obtaining your API credentials)
    1. Go to Merchant Profile, ensure that Payment Gateway is enabled
    2. Go to Account tab | Settings. Click API Login ID and Transaction Key
    3. Enter the answer to the secret question to obtain API Login ID and Transaction Key then click Submit
    4. You will be presented with your API credentials. Please make a note of these values because they will be needed in order to setup the connection between Payment Center and Authorize.Net. Click Continue.

For more information on obtaining API Login ID and Transaction Key, follow this link to Authorize.Net’s videos: Look for API Login ID and Transaction Key.

Payment Center Settings

  1. Login to your Salesforce account and go to Payment Center Settings tab.
  2. In the Payment Processors related list, click Authorize.Net.
  3. Edit Authorize.NET and enter your API credentials in the Live Settings section. Enter your Authorize.NET API Login ID in API Live User and your transaction key in API Live Transaction KeyScreen Shot 2016-06-21 at 7.57.16 AM
  4. Test your connection by clicking the Test Connection button. If your connection has failed, ensure that your API credentials are correct.

Additional Settings

  1. Require CVV2 – check this box if you require the security code (CVV2) for every payment.
  2. Enable eCheck – check this box to enable eCheck or ACH payments.
  3. Default Business Checking – there is an option when paying by ACH asking whether the account is a business checking account or not, check this box to default the option to true.
  4. Enable Tokenization
  5. Require Billing Address – check this box to require the billing address when paying by credit card.
  6. Require Billing Zip/Postal Code – check this box to require just the zip code.
  7. Enable Card-Present Transactions – more information about this flag can be found here
  8. Duplicate Window – Authorize.Net has a feature that disallows transactions with identical amount and credit card information within the set duplicate transaction window (normally 2 minutes). To disable this feature, enter zero in this field.


Payment Center comes pre-installed with a test Authorize.Net account. You may use the account to see how payment works. To use the test account, ensure that the Live flag is unchecked:

  1. Go to Payment Center Settings tab. In the Payment Processors related list, click Authorize.Net.
  2. Live flag should be unchecked, as shown below:

To do a test payment transaction, do the following:

  1. Go to Payments tab then click New.
  2. Select Authorize.Net as the Payment Processor.
  3. Use the following credit card information:
    1. Credit Card Type : Visa
    2. Name on Card : Any name
    3. Credit Card Number : 4111111111111111
    4. Expiration : Any future date
  4. Follow onscreen instructions until you successfully process the payment.

Going Live

  1. To go live, go to Payment Center Settings tab. Under Payment Processors related list, click Authorize.Net.
  2. Check Live and Use As Default boxes, then click Save
  3. Also ensure that your Authorize.Net account is in live mode.