CyberSource 3DS2 Support

3D Secure 2 (3DS2) aims to reduce fraud and provide added security to online payments. It adds frictionless authentication and improves the purchase experience of your customer. This is also CyberSource’s implementation of the SCA (Strong Customer Authentication).

To enable CyberSource 3DS2 in Payment Center, please follow the steps below:

1. Contact CyberSource to setup your account for 3DS2. CyberSource will give you Credentials/API Keys for Cardinal Cruise.

2. Go to Payment Center Settings

3. Go to Payment Processors and select CyberSource

4. Check/Tick Enable 3D Secure 2 (if you don’t see the field, please edit your layout to expose the field)

5. Plug in API keys from CyberSource

6. Once done, click Save

After you enable 3DS2, when your customers pay, additional security checks will be performed in the background and they may be prompted to enter additional information, such as the one below:

Your customers will then simply follow onscreen instructions to provide additional information to authenticate and process the payment.