Hiding Billing (Or Shipping) Address

Depending on your preference, you may choose to hide billing or shipping address on your payment pages. For instance, retail locations do not necessarily want their customers to enter their billing address for a faster checkout, so it makes sense for them to hide the billing address.

The settings can be found in Payment Center Settings tab, under Payment Processors section, click your payment processor. There you will find Require Billing Address and Display Shipping Address, as shown below:

If the fields are not present in your page layout, simply edit your layout and expose the fields.

To hide the billing address, uncheck Require Billing Address. To hide the shipping address, uncheck Display Shipping Address.

Note that although you can hide the billing address in Payment Center, you may have to disable the AVS (Address Verification Service) setting within your processor (i.e. Authorize.Net, etc.). Please refer to your processor’s documentation for more details.

Also, some processors always require a billing address. With those processors, you won’t be able to uncheck the flag.

Some processors may also not require the entire billing address, but require the zip/postal code. In this cases check the box called Require Billing Zip/Postal Code.