How To Fix Recurring Invoices Not Capturing Payments in Salesforce

There are some instances of recurring invoices where an Auto Bill payment was processed but not captured in Salesforce as paid.

The error could caused by a new validation rule that prevented the payment record to be saved in Salesforce (although the card has been processed by the processor), could be a timeout issue, etc.

You should receive an email and have some idea on what would cause the error. You can then look for a solution based on the error from the notification email.

When the above happens, Payment Center does the following:

  1. Sends an email to the “Notify User” in settings. The email will contain the affected recurring invoice, and the cause of the error.
  2. Deactivates the recurring invoice so that the error will be taken care of.

After the issue is fixed, you have to activate the recurring invoice back. To do so, you simply check the “Is Active” box.