1. Make sure that Payment Center is connected to Quickbooks. To ensure that you are connected, re-connect QuickBooks account with Salesforce. To do it: 

  1. Go to the App Launcher, search and select QuickBooks Connections
  2. Click on the connection name
  3. Ensure that Connected checkbox is unchecked before proceeding to the next step (untick if the checkbox is checked)
  4. Click Connect and enter your QuickBooks Online credentials

QuickBooks requires that all connections be disconnected in about every three months, this means users have to re-login/connect each time.

2. Check the mappings. Currently, Apphesive allows you to sync any Salesforce object with the following QuickBooks objects:

  • Account
  • Products
  • Invoice
  • Payment
  • Credit Memo

3. If errors occur during the syncing, check the error and correct it. You may wait for the scheduled run to process the syncing again or you may click on Sync Now button to sync data immediately.