Payment Center API gives you the ability to initiate payments outside of Salesforce. For example, you can call the API from your shopping cart and the payment will be processed inside Salesforce. So your payments can come from disparate systems, but they all end up in Salesforce, giving you a more unified payment system.



Before calling any API, you need to authenticate to get an access token. You use the access token to call the API. As part of authentication, you need a Client ID and a Client Secret. Please email to get those values. Below is an example of an authentication using the Username-Password flow:

curl -k https://<instance> \
     --form client_id=<client ID> \
     --form client_secret=<client secret> \
     --form grant_type=password \
     --form username=<username> \
     --form password=<password><security token>


curl -k \
     --form client_id=3MVxxxZ.WNe6byQDxxxxKq5v.BvHAXxxTaCaP38yLxxPWxxxPbTlxxx6DqF_aIR5uo.gYxxxFmL9BXXxTOsL8 \
     --form client_secret=3999599995229995998 \
     --form grant_type=password \
     --form \
     --form password=apitestpwd999AXXhxXXx3Bq85rGSXXX9X9jN



The access token returned by the above request can then be used to call the following API:


Getting Started with the REST API

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