Payment Center Licensing

A Payment Center license is separate from that of the standard Salesforce license. If you have 50 Salesforce users for instance, and you purchased 20 Payment Center licenses, you can assign the 20 licenses to any of the 50 users.

How to activate your licenses

When you install Payment Center, it comes with a 30-day trial period. Before your trial ends, we need to activate your licenses to continue using the app:

  1. Email (or your rep) with the following information:
    • Desired plan, more information on the plans can be found here:
    • Contract signatory - Name, Email and (optionally) Title of the person responsible for signing the contract
    • Billing contact (if different from the Contract signatory) – Name, Email and (optionally) Address
  2. Upon receipt of your email, we will send over the contract for your signature followed by an invoice, along with a “Pay Now” button where you can pay online with your credit card.
  3. Upon payment, your licenses will be activated.

How to add additional licenses

If you are an existing customer and would like to add more licenses, simply email with the number of licenses you wish to add.


Notice a discrepancy in your license totals? Read here for more info.