Salesforce Disabling TLS 1.0

Salesforce will be disabling TLS 1.0 in production organizations in the near future (they are already disabled in sandboxes). More information can be found here. This change has a direct effect on Payment Center because Payment Center does call-outs to the payment processors we support.

Call-outs are integrations where Salesforce refers to an outside source to either verify login credentials, push data, or pull data. Examples of call-outs include: Delegated Authentication Single-Sign-On (SSO), Outbound Messaging, and Apex call-outs. If you use call-out integrations, please ensure that TLS 1.1 and/or TLS 1.2 are enabled in those integrations.

The good news is we tested our integrations and they all support TLS 1.1 and above.

So with the above we do not expect disruptions in Payment Center when Salesforce disables TLS 1.0.