Kulturra is committed to integrating Payment Center to as many payment gateways as possible. Currently here are the gateways what we have direct integrations with: Supported processors

As we work to grow our direct integrations, we've partnered with Spreedly to accommodate gateways that are currently not supported. Spreedly supports about 120+ payment gateways, please follow this link for the full list.

Who is Spreedly and what do they do?

Spreedly is a payments orchestration solution. Simply put, they have the technology to connect to a multitude of payment gateways worldwide. You can find more information about Spreedly here.

What is the difference between Payment Center's direct integration and the Spreedly integration?

With the direct integration, we've integrated Payment Center directly to your gateway.

With the Spreedly integration, we've integrated with Spreedly who then directs the payment transaction to your gateway.

As a customer (or potential customer), what does the Spreedly integration mean to me?

The Spreedly integration gives you a wide array of gateway options. Prior to the integration, you are limited only to our direct integrations.

Do I need to have a Spreedly account?

No, all you need is your payment gateway/processor account, i.e. CardConnect, BlueSnap, etc.

Are there any additional charges per transaction?

If your gateway is supported by our direct integrations, then there are no additional charges per transaction.

If your gateway is supported by our Spreedly integration, there will be additional charges per transaction. Please contact us for more details.

At some point when we have the direct integration to your gateway, you can switch to the direct integration and the additional charges per transaction will go away.

How do I connect Payment Center to my gateway account?

For direct integrations, follow the instructions here: Supported processors

For Spreedly integrations, please contact us.