Apphesive for QuickBooks

Apphesive for QuickBooks syncs data between Salesforce and QuickBooks Online. Here are sample use-cases to help you decide if Apphesive is right for you:

  • You use Salesforce as your CRM and use QuickBooks for all your accounting needs. As you close opportunities you want to automatically send them to QuickBooks as invoices.
  • You use Salesforce as your CRM and a native Salesforce app for billing. However you still use QuickBooks for the rest of your accounting needs such as keeping track of expenses and generating financial reports. As invoices and payments are created in Salesforce you want them pushed to QuickBooks in order for them to be recorded in your books.

Here are the QuickBooks objects you can sync with currently:

  • Customer
  • Item
  • Invoice
  • Payment
  • Credit Memo

Apphesive allows you to sync any Salesforce object with the above QuickBooks objects. You can sync Accounts with Customers for example, Products with Items, or a custom Salesforce invoice object with QuickBooks’ invoice object. Apphesive gives you the flexibility to map any fields between the two apps. We also have preconfigured mappings to get you up and running in no time.

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