Apphesive for QuickBooks Setup

Setting up Apphesive for QuickBooks involves two high-level steps:

  1. Establish QuickBooks Online connection
  2. Creation of object mappings

Establish QuickBooks Online connection

To establish connection, please follow the steps below.

From the App Launcher, select Apphesive for QuickBooks:


Go to the QuickBooks Connections tab and click New:


Enter a connection name and select Production for the Environment:


After you add your connection, click Connect:


It will ask you to navigate to a certain page, click Open:


Sign in to QuickBooks using your QuickBooks credentials:


It will ask you to authorize data sharing, click Connect:


Once completed, it should now indicate that you are successfully connected to QuickBooks Online:


Creation of object mappings

Creation of object mappings involves deciding which objects in Salesforce to “map” with QuickBooks objects. For instance you may want to map Salesforce Accounts with QuickBooks Customers or Salesforce Products with QuickBooks Items. Since Apphesive is fully configurable, the possibilities are endless. As such we strongly recommend that you contact us so we can help you establish your mappings.

Please contact us at so we can schedule a time to go over your workflow.