Auto-BillPay Not Processing

Symptoms: You have recurring invoices that are marked Auto-BillPay. You notice that the invoices are being created but for some reason, the payments are not automatically taken, leaving the invoices open.

Solution: Go to Setup | Jobs | Apex Jobs (or search for Apex Jobs in the Quick Find box). If you see this error – First error: Job does not exist or is already aborted:


It’s possible that the Auto-BillPay process hang up for some reason, holding up succeeding processing. To fix the issue, go to Payment Center Settings tab, edit your layout and display the field called Auto Bill Pay Schedule Id. Chances are there is some data in there. Clear the field then save, this will clear up the hanged process and normal processing should resume (you don’t have to do anything after clearing up the field, the open invoices will be paid on the next run).