Change In How Cash Receipts Are Created In Accounting Seed

What's Changing

Previously when taking payments using Payment Center, whether within Salesforce or outside of Salesforce from a link, cash receipts are created automatically in Accounting Seed.

Starting from Winter '21, when payments are made outside of Salesforce from a link, cash receipts will not be created automatically.

Why It's Changing

This is due to the reduced object permissions for guest users in the new releases of Salesforce (Winter '21 onward).

How Will Cash Receipts Be Created Then

For payments made inside Salesforce, cash receipts will continue to be created automatically upon payment.

For payments made outside of Salesforce from a link, they will be marked for cash receipts creation upon payment, and a batch job will pick them up and create their corresponding cash receipts.

What Do I Need To Do

You need to start the batch job that creates the cash receipts.

To start the batch job, follow the steps below:

  1. You need to be a Salesforce admin with Accounting Seed license and permission set that allows the creation of cash receipts, i.e. Cash In Accountant, in order to start the batch job.
  2. Go to the Developer Console.
  3. In the Developer Console, go to Debug | Open Execute Anonymous Window.
  4. Execute the following:

    The parameter of 10 indicates that the cash receipts will be created every ten minutes. You can change the parameter as desired.

  5. Depending on the interval you have entered, there could be several batch jobs scheduled. To verify that the jobs were started, go to Scheduled Jobs and you should see jobs with names starting with CreateASCashReceiptBatch.

Here's a video tutorial on how to start the batch job/s: