CyberSource Setup

This article describes settings necessary to connect Payment Center with your CyberSource account.

  1. Sign up for a CyberSource account. You can apply online by following this link.
  2. Once you have your account setup, you need to generate your API Keys.
    1. Login to CyberSource Business Center and go to Payment Configuration | Key Management
    2. Click Generate Key
    3. Select Transaction Processing | SOAP, then Submit
    4. Copy the generated key and save to your computer. You will plug this key into Payment Center later on
    5. Go back to Key Management then click Generate Key to generate another key
    6. Select API Cert / Secret | Shared Secret, then Submit
    7. Copy the generated key and save to your computer. You will plug this key into Payment Center later on
  3. Login to your Salesforce account and go to Payment Center Settings tab.
  4. In the Payment Processors related list, click CyberSource.
  5. Edit CyberSource and enter your CyberSource credentials in the Live Settings section as follows: 
  6. Test your connection by clicking the Test Connection button. If your connection has failed, ensure that your credentials are correct.

More Settings

  1. If you require the security code (CVV2) for every payment, check Require CVV2 box.
  2. Enable Tokenizations
  3. Enable eCheck
  4. Require Phone – CyberSource requires that a phone number be submitted for ACH/eCheck transactions. If you enabled eCheck, ensure to check this box.
  5. Pass Surcharge As Service Fee - if set to true, the surcharge will be passed to CyberSource separately from the transaction amount (November 2020 Release).


Payment Center comes pre-installed with a test CyberSource account. You may use the account to see how payment works. To use the test account, ensure that the Live flag is unchecked:

  1. Go to Payment Center Settings tab. In the Payment Processors related list, click CyberSource
  2. Live flag should be unchecked, as shown below: Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 3.15.14 PM

To do a test payment transaction, do the following:

  1. Go to Payments tab then click New.
  2. Select CyberSource as the Payment Processor.
  3. Use the following credit card information:
    1. Credit Card Type : Visa
    2. Name on Card : Any name
    3. Credit Card Number : 4111111111111111
    4. Expiration : Any future date
  4. Follow onscreen instructions until you successfully process the payment.

Going Live

  1. To go live, go to Payment Center Settings tab. Under Payment Processors related list, click CyberSource.
  2. Check Live and Use As Default boxes then click SaveScreen Shot 2017-06-08 at 3.17.07 PM
  3. Also ensure that your CyberSource account is in live mode. Please contact CyberSource to switch your account to live mode.