NOTE: This API is deprecated. New API can be found here: Payment Center API (v2)


Payment Center works perfectly within Salesforce as far as invoicing and collecting payments are concerned. But what if you have on your website a shopping cart and you want to charge your customers right there? Shopping carts normally have their standard integration with the different payment processors, and they work great except that they don’t normally have integration with Salesforce, leaving you with disconnected systems. That’s when the Payment Center API becomes handy. Instead of submitting the payment directly to your processor, you submit the payment to Payment Center and it will take care of processing the payment (through your processor) and recording the payment within Salesforce.



Before calling any API, you need to authenticate to get an access token. You use the access token to call the API. As part of authentication, you need a Client ID and a Client Secret. Please email to get those values. Below is an example of an authentication using the Username-Password flow:

curl -k https://<instance> \
     --form client_id=<client ID> \
     --form client_secret=<client secret> \
     --form grant_type=password \
     --form username=<username> \
     --form password=<password><security token>


curl -k \
     --form client_id=3MVxxxZ.WNe6byQDxxxxKq5v.BvHAXxxTaCaP38yLxxPWxxxPbTlxxx6DqF_aIR5uo.gYxxxFmL9BXXxTOsL8 \
     --form client_secret=3999599995229995998 \
     --form grant_type=password \
     --form \
     --form password=apitestpwd999AXXhxXXx3Bq85rGSXXX9X9jN



The access token returned by the above request can then be used on succeeding API calls.

Submit Payment API

As its name suggest, this API submits payment to your processor. It also creates the corresponding payment record in Salesforce. You submit payment in the following form:

curl -v https://<instance> \
     -H 'Authorization: Bearer <access token>' \
     -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
     -X POST \
     -d '{<arguments>}'


curl -v \
     -H 'Authorization: Bearer 00Dx0000000exxV!AXXXXXfcKqHB0czbxxxxxHkyo9gt41BxxxhWPxxZzaXxXxbAJxx9Ov4Hno..mu1Xi5XXXX8MWHVD81JVr6ShxxxxxorGv6Uy' \ 
     -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \ 
     -X POST \ 
     -d '{"amount":9.99, 
          "billing_street":"12345 Jefferson St.", 


  "Message":"This transaction has been approved.",

IsSuccessful indicates whether or not the payment was successful. If payment was not successful, the corresponding error message will be listed in Message. If payment was successful, Salesforce_Payment_ID will contain the ID of the payment record created in Salesforce.


  • amount – required, a positive decimal number, i.e. 9.99
  • credit_card_number – required
  • expiry_month – required, 2-digit month, i.e. 01 for January
  • expiry_year – required, 4-digit year
  • first_name – required, first name as it appears on the card
  • last_name – required, last name as it appears on the card
  • billing_street – required, billing street associated with the card
  • billing_city – required, billing city associated with the card
  • billing_state – required, billing state associated with the card. This is not required for non-US addresses
  • billing_zip – required, billing zip associated with the card
  • billing_country – required, billing country associated with the card
  • trans_type –  optional, values could be Charge or Authorization. If not sent, the default value from settings will be used
  • processor –  optional, name of your processor as defined in your settings. If not sent, the default will be used.
  • payment_name – optional, any name to identify your payment. If not sent, a name will be created for you.
  • reference – optional, any reference related to your payment, i.e. order number, invoice number, etc.
  • amount_currency – optional, 3-letter ISO code for currency, i.e USD, EUR, etc. If not sent, the default value from settings will be used
  • shipping_street – optional, customer shipping street
  • shipping_city – optional, customer shipping city
  • shipping_state – optional, customer shipping state
  • shipping_zip – optional, customer shipping zip
  • shipping_country – optional, customer shipping country
  • email – optional, customer email address. This is required if your processor is CyberSource


This feature is available in the September 2014 release of Payment Center.