Customizing Your Invoice

The invoice template can be customized to fit your organization’s standards.

To customize your invoice, go to Payment Center Settings tab, then click Customize Invoice button. You can set the following:

  • Logo
  • Logo Height – the default value of 55 is optimized for the default template. You can change the height as long as you also make sure to edit your template to accommodate the new size. Changing the height resizes the logo proportionally (i.e. the width will also change automatically). If you want to display the logo in its original form, simply remove the height value.
  • Default Terms And Conditions
  • Default Email Subject
  • Default Email Message

The default settings can be overwritten during the time the invoice is sent. The {COMPANY_NAME} placeholder is used to dynamically retrieve your company name. More placeholders can be used here.

Address and phone number are pulled from your company information in Salesforce. To set your address and phone number, please see instructions here.

Advance Customization

For advanced customizations, click Advance Edit. This requires knowledge of Visualforce. More information on Visualforce Email Templates can be found here