The Accounting Seed Buttercup release introduced an issue where online payments processed through Stripe, Authorize.Net and other processors are not being recorded in Salesforce. This means that no payments are being created, invoices and corresponding billings are not updated, and no cash receipts are generated. 

Though this issue may have caused inconvenience and confusion for Accounting Seed users, there is good news! A fix has been released to address this problem. The solution involves granting the Site user read-access to Accounting Seed's Cash Receipt and Billing Cash Receipt objects. Once this access is granted, online payments made through processors such as Stripe and Authorize.Net can be properly recorded in Salesforce.

In order to address the problem, we have developed a fresh iteration of the Payment Center Extension for Accounting Seed, that features a new permission set called 'Payment Center + Accounting Seed Permissions'. It's necessary to assign this permission set to the affected Sites user.

Here are the steps to assign the permission set:

  1. Go to Setup | Sites and Domains | Sites. Click on your site to go to site details then click Public Access Settings, as shown below: 


  2. From the Public Access Settings page, click View Users


  3. Click the Site Guest User, as shown below: 

  4. Under Permission Set Assignments, click Edit Assignments

  5. Add Payment Center + Accounting Seed Permissionsthen Save

    Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 4.44.13 PM

That should fix new online payments.

To reconcile payments with invoices, log in to your payment processor and review payments from the last few days, depending on when your Salesforce org was updated with the Buttercup release. You can mark the invoice as paid by manually paying for it using Payment Method “Other”, which will create corresponding cash receipts.