Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

By now you’ve probably heard about Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) from your processor and its impact to you. A lot has been written about it, such as these articles:

Payment Center Implementation

As your link between Salesforce and your processor, we have implemented each processor’s solution related to SCA. To learn more about how to enable the new settings within Payment Center, please follow the link below:

Need Help?

If you need help in implementing the above settings/changes, you can grant us access to your Salesforce org, and we’ll implement the changes for you. Here’s how to grant access to your org.


1. We hold card details and/or tokens with our recurring invoices on auto-billpay, how will this information be re-authenticated using 3D Secure 2?

The card details and/or tokens will continue to be used on auto-billpay. If a payment fails, your customer will receive a notification of the failed payment together with a link where they can enter a new (or existing) card – this time the card will be re-authenticated using 3D Secure 2. 

To avoid future payments from failing due to 3D Secure 2, it is highly recommended that you enable tokenization.

2. Our processor is Authorize.Net, why can’t we see your SCA implementation?

Authorize.Net did not implement SCA or 3D Secure 2. From this article,, they indicated that they will be upgrading your Authorize.Net account to CyberSource. Please contact your Authorize.Net representative for more details.